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We has specialized in providing many different types of roll forming machines since 2004. The vast selection of products we provide includes our Roof Forming Machine, Double Layer Roof Roll Forming Machine, PU Foaming Machine, Tile Roll Forming Machine, Tile Roof Machine, C Purlin Machine and Z Purline Roll Forming Machine, L Shape Roll Forming Machine, Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine, U Shape Roll Forming Machine, Guide Rail Machine, Steel Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine, Floor Decking Forming Machine, Keel Forming Equipment, Stud Machine, and Metal Processing Machine (Sheet Metal Bending Machine, Hydraulic Decoiler with Coil Car), just to name a few.

Our metal rolling machines are used extensively, both at home and internationally. Equipped with PLC control and touch screen HMI, our Roof and Wall Forming Machines are capable of producing panels which are both beautiful and strong, and are commonly used in wall and roof construction or for outdoor decoration. Our C Purlin machine and Z Purline Roll Forming Machine are widely used on large buildings, such as workshops, residential buildings, and supermarkets. Some advantages our Sheet Metal Bending Machine provides are smooth product surface and product length which can be easily adjusted according to our customers' specific requirements, so they are widely used in the fields of mining, construction, agricultural machinery, transportation, bridges, petrochemicals, lighting, and electronics.

It is our goal at We to supply customers with high quality, efficient, easy to operate, and economical equipment. Our factory is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city of China, where we have access to low cost labor and materials and convenient transportation, so we can offer our high quality roll forming machine at the lowest prices. With our strict attention to quality control and customer service, we now have an annual production capacity of 250 units. Our products are CE certified and have international markets in Australia, Poland, India, Iran, Ireland, Dubai, Mexico, Iraq, Zambia, and more. We also offer OEM service upon request.

Our mission is to provide the best products to customers all over the world at the best prices and with the best service. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information, as we are all dedicated to satisfying each customer's every need.

Main Products
  • Construction Roll Forming MachineDifferent roof panel machines can produce different shapes of steel roof, wall sheets according to the clients' profile drawings and requirement. Steel roof..
  • Tile Roll Forming Machine Different tile roof forming machines can produce different shapes of steel tile roof sheets in various thickness and colors. Steel tile roof sheets are the new substitutes for traditional clayey...
  • C Purline Machine One purlin machine can produce different sizes of steel C or Z purlins in various thicknesses. There are manual adjustable purlin machines and automatic adjustable purlin machines.
  • Door Roll Forming Machine Shutter door machines can produce steel shutter door slats in galvanized sheet, pre-painted sheet or stainless steel sheet. Steel shutter door slats are used as the doors for work plants ...
  • Steel Floor Roll Forming Machine Different floor decking machines can produce different shapes of steel floor sheets according to the clients' profile drawings and requirement. Steel floor sheets are new building materials...