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Purlin Forming Machine

  • C Purlin Machine Model Number: C80-300
    Thickness: 1.5-2.7mm
    Effective Width: 80-300mm
    Roll Speed: 20m/min
  • Purlin Machine Model Number: 51-102
    Thickness: 1.97-3.5mm
    Effective Width: 4 Inch
    Feeding Width: 8.7 Inch
  • Purlin Machine Model Number: 70-170
    Thickness: 1.5mm
    Effective Width: 170mm
    Feeding Width: 340mm
  • C Purlin Model Number: 75-175
    Thickness: 0.75-1.5mm
    Effective Width: 175mm
    Feeding Width: 560mm

We is an experienced roof panel machine manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including PU foaming machine, construction roll forming machine, door roll forming machine, tile roll forming machine, C purlin machine, and more.

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  • Rolling Door Machine Model Number: 60-70
    Thickness: 2.5mm
    Effective Width: 60mm
    Feeding Width: 250mm